Quality Recordings

at affordable prices

Ian Bourne music offers high quality recordings made quickly at affordable prices, either in our music room, in your home or even at live events (open mic nights or gigs, for example). The recording service is particularly aimed at solo acoustic artists or small groups, but can accommodate almost any setup.

Prices are dependent on recording location and complexity, but are always competitive. Additional mixing and also mastering are similarly priced. Contact me to discuss rates (details below or on the Contact me page)

All recordings are made using Cubase 5.

All projects are presented as audio CD, WAV and MP3 files plus full Cubase project files. I would also make it clear that any recordings made by Ian Bourne Music are your property, not mine. I will happily retain an archive of your recording project but not otherwise make use of your material. Beware of those who claim otherwise!

Music Room:

Setup in typical room:

Recording with Chocolate Box:

Recording with Alesi Summer

(Jazz Hands optional for recording!)

Further Information:

Contact Ian Bourne Music on 07512082392

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